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Zoom~Fit Classes

Don't let bad weather, a busy day or COVID-19 prevent you from getting a workout!  Strengthen and reinvigorate your body with our online fitness classes.

  • Instructor brings a strong background in kinesiology, creativity and energy

  • Variety of workout components

Stretch & Strength

Cardio Combos

The Athlete

Step It Up

Toning with Tubing

Circuit Training 1-2-3


Core on the Floor

And more!

  • Candlelight Stretch class includes a full body stretch with deep breathing and relaxation, set to soothing music and candlelight.

  • Exercise modifications provided for all ages and abilities

  • Classes are conducted remotely through the Zoom app (we can help you set it up)

Click here for our class schedule, fees and how to register.

Click here to see a video highlighting our classes in 2020.

Free trial offer

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